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Becoming an Instructor

Become an Instructor

The Instructor is responsible for ensuring that standards and policies are applied consistently to all students enrolled in the course.

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The Role of An Instructor

The managerial role refers to the organizational, procedural, and administrative tasks associated with maintaining an online learning environment.


  • Setting agendas and timetables and monitoring overall timing and pacing
  • Providing clear instructions for all course activities and assignments as well as guidelines or netiquette expectations for online discussions
  • Building and managing online groups
  • Facilitating and managing online discussions
  • Coordinating assignments and grades

The pedagogical role includes a wide range of tasks (e.g., instructional, intellectual, and content-based) that contribute to the students’ understanding and application of course content and development of critical thinking skills.


  • Selecting, refining, and regularly updating course materials
  • Writing clear learning objectives and aligning the course materials, activities, and assessments with them
  • Designing online discussions and activities
  • Stimulating critical thinking and reflection by using questions and probes
  • Assessing student work and providing timely feedback to students
  • Referring students to online support services for tutoring, advising, library resources, or other help when necessary

The social role promotes a friendly environment and community feeling to support students’ cognitive processes and learning experiences.


  • Implementing “ice breaker” or get-to-know-you activities
  • Motivating and engaging students in a community of inquiry
  • Creating a supportive climate for learning that respects individual differences
  • Attending to individual concerns
  • Using a friendly, personal tone
  • Building social rapport and a collective identity among the class

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